Examine Our Framework

Acolyst client engagements draw upon its innovative framework written in the international bestselling book titled, “The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind.”


We blend neuroscience, organizational behavior, psychology and analytics to:

  • Improve communication and collaboration across entire organizations
  • Harness the data received each day to identify and pursue new opportunities
  • Inspire individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential

We pose two key questions to every business decision maker:

  1. Are you confident that your organization’s performance will improve?
  2. Do you believe that the critical information/data you receive each day is accurate?

To help clients gain positive, meaningful insight from these questions, Acolyst utilizes four different but interrelated key types of transformational intelligences:

  • Financial intelligence is about getting a “deep dive” into your financial position. It’s not just the dollars and cents – it’s about understanding emotional behaviors, too. What drives your financial decisions? Trust? Fear? Rewards? Financial intelligence is also about prediction and risk – your insight into future investments and initiatives, and your comfort level with the impact of your decisions.
  • Customer intelligence focuses on identifying your ideal customers and strategizing ways of attracting them. What makes ideal customers … “ideal” – and why are you an ideal match for them. What makes them tick and how do you connect with them? And once you do, how will you convince them that you’re the business provider of choice? Customer intelligence helps you answer all these critical questions and more.
  • Data Intelligence is about the process and steps necessary to synchronously communicate and interpret data internally within your organization and externally with third party vendors and other business entities. How do you do that? By recasting information in a visual way, allowing for rapid decision-making.
  • Mastermind Intelligence is about fostering new and innovative ideas by building a non-judgmental and creative environment where a pipeline of ideas can be generated through respect and collaboration. Mastermind Intelligence is ultimately about triggering engaging thoughts and exercises that can be put into action, with an emphasis on leadership that transforms teams and corporate culture.

Developing and refining your company’s financial, customer, data, and mastermind intelligence is an iterative and cyclical process that leads to more strategic and proactive decision making.

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